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Day Retreats nr Bath

Be rooted in peace, find inner strength and recover a vitality for living.

Olivia uses her training and personal experience to your body, your mind and your soul so you get the health benefits of yoga, the wellbeing benefits of mindfulness and the spiritual benefits of Christian based meditation.

This day retreat is designed to engage your whole being using different practices so that you come away feeling more peaceful, grounded and connected as well as uplifted and revitalised.

Outline of the day

10.00 Arrive at Beckington Memorial Hall, BA11 6SH

10.15  Yoga class

11.15   Coffee, teas and healthy snacks

11.45  Mindfulness and movement

12.30 Walk to Lunch

Lunch and afternoon in Olivia's 'Meditation Barn'

2.00  Guided meditation and stillness

3.00  Tea and cake

3.30  Spiritual Practice and reflection

4.30  Depart

Who is it for?  

Anyone who wants to find more peace and feel more energised.

If you have a basic level of fitness and flexibility the exercise you will be fine even if you haven't done yoga before (e.g. if you have done pilates or other exercise forms).  If you haven't done meditation before that is also fine and you'll be guided.  If you are open to spiritual content that draws from the Christian Contemplative tradition you will find the spiritual practices (meditative) are very accessible inclusive.

Bring a mat and be expectant!

Coming in January/February 2023


What people say:

“😊 I loved this retreat. I feel I’ve cleaned out the kitchen cupboards.  I’ve got it all out and put it back…but don’t feel so caught up in the stuff of my life.”  -L.

"Been really good to get away from it all and ‘just be’. It’s been like an MOT.  I need a monthly one." - L.

"I think the main takeaway for me though is the power of the breath. Noticing my breathing, breathing into any pain in my body and also harnessing God's breath of life into various areas of my body and life." -C.  

"Everything has slowed. I’ve faced stuff and found a calm and peace from the space. It was also lovely to be part of a group even though I didn't know them."-F

"The day helped me to reconnect with God and myself and my body, and find a sense of peace amidst my struggle with anxiety and depression." - E.

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