The Meaningful Course
for wellbeing and spiritual growth

Are you Stressed, Struggling, Seeking or Spiritual (but not 'religious')?

If any or all of the above then I've designed this course with you in mind.

The 6 Week Meaningful Course offers:

  • An hour and a half of inner peace and calm (and who doesn’t need that!)

  • Meditation techniques you can practice on your own to improve wellbeing.

  • An introduction to Christian contemplative and monastic practices.

  • A broadening perspective on meaning and wisdom and how the spiritual life operates.

  • Even an experience of Divine Presence - God's reality.

The Course: 

Week 1 -  Knowing Peace

Week 2 - Transforming Loneliness

Week 3 - Growing in Self-acceptance

Week 4 - Experiencing Love

Week 5 - Help in Challenge

Week 6 - Finding Hope


Each session would employ meditation techniques (secular mindfulness, visualisation, sensory) and spiritual practices (drawn from the Christian Contemplative Tradition) as well as reflection, discussion and journalling.

Just show up as you with openness and expectation.  All are welcome. 

Online on Tuesdays 1.30-3 pm  (November 2, 9, 16, 23, 30, Dec 7)

Price: Normally £120, but introductory offer £80 (Concessions available

email me to book on:


Live Fully in Body, Mind and Soul