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We've hit another lockdown, but I encourage you not to 'get down'.  

The issue:
The more pared down or essential life becomes the more we need to access the essentials or essence of life.  Right now many people are dealing with issues of fear, loneliness, stress, anxiety and lockdown restrictions can magnify them and overwhelm us.  We need something to help us, something that is greater than us and something that is good...

My offer:
This past year has given me time to reflect and decide to be more authentic in my 'Meaningful' work.  Some would describe me as 'religious' but I prefer the term 'spiritual' which many of us are to greater or lesser degrees. I believe Spiritual reality or Divine presence is what we need right now as we face restrictions and challenges. 
The online meditation sessions I'm offering this lockdown draw inspiration from the contemplative Christian tradition and will engage us with the Divine (or you might prefer to call it 'Source', 'Spirit', the 'transcendent' or 'God').  
I've created a 'Christ-conscious' series where we'll explore and experience together how this Divine Presence can bring inner peace, light, freedom, love and more to your soul.  These meditation sessions are for EVERYONE (regardless of your religious leanings or level of faith) - all you need to do is show up as 'you' with an open mind and an open heart!

When and where:
These meditations will be hosted on the Insight Timer platform rather than zoom. (There is no discussion time or interaction with me and whilst I'm live streaming I can't see you and so you can also be anonymous if you want!).
You can join by following these links.

The meditations are every Sunday on the Insight Timer platform at 5-5.30pm on:
10th Jan - Christ-consciousness to experience peace and protection
17th Jan - Christ-consciousness to experience light within
24th Jan - Christ-consciousness to experience peace in stressful times
31st Jan - Christ-consciousness to experience freedom from fear
7th Feb -  Christ-consciousness to experience love and forgiveness


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