Yoga with Christian Spirituality


Postural Yoga is a great way to keep fit but it also quiets the mind and offers space for spiritual reflection and awareness. Crossyoga classes draw on the Christian tradition so that a person can experience something of God's presence and peace in a way that is personal and real.  Whilst it resources those with faith, it is a great way for those who are open and curious to explore Christianity using meditative movement (yoga). Anyone is welcome and accepted wherever they are at in their spiritual journey. 


Crossyoga on MONDAYS 1-2pm @Forum, Bath BA1

This regular term time class enables you to build up your physical strength and flexibility whilst enjoying reflective moments and a final meditation that draws on a contemplative Christian approach.  Anyone is welcome.

12th Sept - 12th Dec (excl. 24th Oct) £5 drop-in.

Also streamed live on zoom.

Crossyoga on THE LAST SUNDAY OF THE MONTH 5-6pm at NSP, BA2 

ThIs event is hosted in the beautiful country church of Norton St.Philip where the stillness and peace of this ancient building lends itself to a more meditative experience.  The class is a gentle yoga class and has a longer meditation at the end and is a beautiful way to engage in a spiritual experience for body, mind and soul that can leave you feeling more connected to God. 

Also streamed live on zoom.

25th Sept, 30th Oct, 27th Nov, 18 Dec/Christmas Event 

To book email (£5 optional donation)

Olivia: info@meaningfulmeditation.com or Caroline: carolinehwalker@btinternet.com