September 2020 - Online Course

This Course is for:

  • People who are finding life's circumstances challenging and who's challenges are often unseen and may be of a relational or personal nature.

This Course will:

  • Give you an inner experience of peace despite the challenge

  • Help restore hope in your life

  • Build an inner strength within you so that you become resilient in the face of challenge

  • Give you tools to lower your stress levels

  • Offer you personal and regular support to increase peace, hope and strength inwardly.

  • Teach you how to meditate (beginners and experienced will equally benefit.

  • Consider the whole of your life as a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual being.

This Course offers:

  • x6 1.5 hour Online Group sessions. (These will be recorded if you can't make the classes)

  • Classes include several guided meditations, light teaching on themes of hope, strength and peace, journalling and discussion.

  • Option to join or leave the online discussion for the last part of each class.

  • Weekly email with recording of guided meditations to keep for future use.

  • Weekly homework (optional) to practice resilience.

  • Optional one-to-one mentoring with bespoke guided meditations to record and keep.

Course costs - 

Online course: £75

Online course plus introductory 1-to-1 mentoring session: £95

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