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Bath Wellbeing Festival
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Peace for Body-Mind-Soul Retreat

Saturday 11th Feb, 10-12am in The Forum
Life is busy, the demands are constant and sometimes we don’t really know how to slow down and stop in order to find the peace we so long for. 

This event will use movement, breathing and guided meditation to help you find deep peace in your body, mind and soul.  
Basic fitness level required.  Bring your own mat and a blanket.


Wholeness and Connection Retreat
Thursday 16th Feb, 10-1pm in The Forum

Life can feel challenging and we can often feel disconnected from ourselves and others.  This half-day retreat will help you to connect to yourself, others and the Other using movement and guided-meditation leaving you feeling more confident and connected.
Basic level of fitness required.  Bring your own mat and a blanket. 

Includes teas, coffee and healthy snacks. 



Movement and Meditation in Bath Abbey

Tuesday 8 February, Mondays 15 & 22 February at 6.15-7.30pm in Bath Abbey

Join us in the Abbey for movement and guided meditation that engages with Christian spirituality.

These wellbeing-spirituality sessions will help you connect with God in body, mind and soul in a sacred setting.

All people are welcome but a basic level of fitness is required.  Wear comfy/exercise clothes, bring a mat and a blanket. 

Free event.

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