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Fullness of life

Life can be challenging, stressful and fragmented.  However this doesn't have to be our inner experience of life.


Meaningful meditation offers individuals the space to find peace and to experience life more richly within.  

The guided meditations, reflections and teaching offered draw on modern techniques as well as ancient contemplative traditions that consider a person's body, mind and spirit.  They always focus on a 'meaningful theme'.

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Meaningful is offering this unique 6 week course this Autumn.  Do join us.

Care for Carers (teachers, therapists, medics, parents etc) - Free event
Sun, Oct 25
via Zoom
Oct 25, 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM GMT
via Zoom
Teachers, nurses, doctors, therapists, parents and others 'carers' have all been giving throughout the pandemic. This retreat is Meaningful Meditation's free gift to restore and re-energise the 'carers'!
Christmas Spiritual Retreat
Sun, Dec 06
via Zoom
Dec 06, 4:00 PM – 5:30 PM GMT
via Zoom
Connect with Christmas in a new way and deepen your understanding and experience of it.
Weekend Retreat for 'Solo Venturers'
Sat, Oct 17
via Zoom
Oct 17, 3:00 PM GMT+1 – Oct 18, 6:00 PM GMT+1
via Zoom
If you're a creative, an entrepreneur, self-employed, involved in a project or a 'wannabe' of any of these then this 6 hour online retreat over 2 days will restore, reconnect and reinvigorate you so you can engage more meaningfully with your work or project.
Building Resilience Course
Fri, Sep 11
Online Group
Sep 11, 9:00 AM – Oct 16, 10:20 AM
Online Group
This 6 week online course will impact your everyday life so that you feel stronger, more in control, able to survive ongoing challenges and to even thrive despite them!

Classes & Courses

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Significantly better than a mindfulness course I’d previously done, the classes gave more freedom to explore meaning. The weekly slot was wonderful and I gained a lot from the course. - Paula


The Coronavirus classes enabled me to feel much calmer and family relationships have been so much more positive as a result.

- Helen

I felt more integrated, whole and peaceful at the end of each class during lockdown.  Olivia held the space so well that I felt safe in her hands. - Clare

The retreat was wonderful…I’ve always wanted to learn to “meditate” and I loved Olivia’s sessions, they really made me think about things differently and the first thing I think of each morning now is

“I choose Life!"  - Sue

This retreat was 'soul food'.  I loved the chance to pause and reflect and the different meditations held my attention really well.  Your voice is incredibly calming too!  - Jo

I have never done any meditation before and I really enjoyed Olivia's session. Its hard for beginners to focus for long periods so breaking it down into three separate sections worked very well. The renewal theme has so many positive elements and I must say I have taken those positive thoughts through my whole weekend and can only say WOW!

Anna - Genesis Trust Bath

I though it was such a lovely and safe environment and I appreciated your encouragement.  These sessions opened up the possibility for change within myself in a safe way. - Paul


My Story

A Life Rooted in Contemplation

Meaningful. When it came to naming her new venture, the title came easily to Olivia. As a teenager, an awakening need to explore the deepest meaning of our existence led her to study Theology at Oxford, where she applied herself thoughtfully but also intuitively to her quest.  Life beyond involved marketing, teaching, counselling and mothering and certainly kept her grounded in day to day life, with the birth of her four children fuelling her sense of wonder, albeit in an often exhausting manner!


But in 2012, the journey took a different turn, when Olivia's husband underwent surgery for a brain tumour, leaving him virtually blind and unable to work and the family with neither employment or home.  It was a very difficult time but Olivia kept her head above water drawing deeply on a contemplative faith as well as running.
As a result of this experience and emerging from it, Meaningful was born, as Olivia was now convinced that she had something valuable to offer to others. Ways of seeing, ways of being and even ways of finding meaning when life just doesn't add up.

Fascinated by how ancient paths can find new expressions amid the rigours of modern life she is now completing her MA in Christian Spirituality.  For Olivia, having a source of meaning outside of oneself is a vital part of surviving challenges and living fully in each day. She believes that each person has the capacity to discern meaning through an honest, searching approach to life. All we have to do is truly seek life and it will be found.
When not busy in the constant development of Meaningful, or studying, Olivia enjoys chaotic domesticity in the beautiful Somerset countryside, along with passions for tennis, surfing, running, art, reading, meeting new people, speciality gin and dreadful seventies music as fullness of life can be found through everything!

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