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Meaningful Meditation & Yoga

Do you find stress more of a companion than peace?

Is life something you endure, more than enjoy?

Do you long for more?

If you are stressed and struggling or curious and spiritually open then Meaningful yoga and meditation will help you improve your

health, wellbeing and spirituality.

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Meaningful meditation and yoga brings peace to your soul, a calm mind and a fit body meaning you can cope with life's demands and even experience life more fully and enjoyably.

The Meaningful approach engages

your body and mind giving you

instant physical and therapeutic benefits. 

It also gives your soul the space to explore your faith or spirituality in a way that you feel comfortable with.


Why Meaningful?


Since early adulthood, Olivia has been fascinated by life's rich matrix of meaning. Studying Theology at Oxford grounded her intellectually and personally in her faith. Continuing through the journey of life, working as a teacher, qualifying as a counsellor, becoming a mother of four and more recently an accredited yoga instructor (CrossYoga) and with an M.A. in Christian Spirituality she has developed a holistic model for wellbeing. She has also lead seeker groups for over twenty years and taught meditation for over five. 

Impacted by her husband's brain tumour in 2012 which left him virtually blind she knows what it is to face challenge and has a genuine awareness of the grittiness of life and empathy for those who struggle.​ She believes that life is challenging but it is also immensely rich and draws from the Contemplative  tradition offering people a safe space to explore life's meaning physically, emotionally and spiritually so they can experience fullness of life.



"My relationships really improved at home as a result of the meditation." Camilla

"I was uncertain about yoga but love the physical and spiritual benefits." Mary

"Olivia's voice is incredibly calming." Rachel

"I really felt I was in a safe pair of hands." Paul

"Olivia is inclusive and open but I enjoyed her faith perspective on things." Lara

"My headaches and anxiety improved." Chloe


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Meaningful Meditation & Yoga

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